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Are Specialty Prospect Camps Worth It?

Are Specialty Prospect Camps Worth It?

Published on: Mar 08, 2019

A lot has to happen before you can take your volleyball skills from high school to college courts.

But you don’t need us to remind you of that—you already know. Luckily, you’re not alone. Your teammates, coaches, and parents are all behind you, plus—you’ve got us. And taking you from crushing it in high school to killing it in college is kind of our thing.

How do we do that? Volleyball prospect camps.

Camps do a few things: 

  • Help you get noticed
  • Create connections on and off the court
  • Generate opportunities to compete beyond the season 
  • Offer valuable training tools

Most prospect camps are hosted by individual schools or groups of schools. Specialty prospect camps are different. They’re typically run by for-profit non-school entities, like the Junior Day Volleyball Prospect Camp.

At specialty prospect camps, athletes compete with top talent and gain valuable insight into their playing abilities and future prospects. These camps also allow athletes to establish official measurements that college coaches reference during recruitment. 

Even though they’re not hosted by a school, college coaches value the results and measurements taken at specialty camps because of their unbiased, third-party collection processes. Sometimes, when the NCAA guidelines permit it, college coaches actually attend these camps—offering guidance and coaching. 

On top of that, the organizer of the camp usually takes video that coaches use to gain a complete look at the attendees.  

Sounds great—but are specialty camps worth attending? 

Absolutely. If you select the right ones.

Before registering, do these 3 things to make sure a camp is worth your time and money. 

  1. Create your free Ryzer account today. All the information you need will be in one place—along with spam-free notifications about upcoming events that meet your criteria. 
  2. Do some research. Find out which schools have attended the camp in the past and if athletes have received scholarships at or soon after camp. 
  3. Request and read testimonials. Your best bet for finding genuine, un-biased information on a specific camp is to seek it from athletes who have attended it in the past. 

Bottom line: Specialty camps are 100% worth it if you do your research and pick the right ones. Now get out there and get noticed!   

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